Dutch oysters from Zeeland with shallot and lemon | 3,50
Bread with dips – hummus, tzatziki and tapenade | 9,-
Shrimp croquette from Holtkamp with cocktail sauce | (per piece) 3,50
Beef ‘Bitterballen’ from Van Dobben (6 pieces) | 9,-
Padrón peppers | 8,- (vegan)
Deep fried fish (small), smelt, calamari and Dutch shrimps | 11,50
Chicken nuggets with wasabi dip sauce | 8,-
Dutch cheese platter | 13,50


Watermelon salad with Dutch feta and mint | 11,-
Caesar salad with chicken, egg, Parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing | 13,50
Toast with steak tartare, spicy Piment D’espelette mayonnaise and Pecorino cheese | 13,-
Toast with smoked salmon from Urk, capers and red onion rings | 10,50
Toast with Mackerel salad, crispy unions and piccalilli mayonnaise | 11,-
Toast with Guacamole on toast, Dutch feta and cherry tomatoes | 11,-
Toast with Van Dobben beef croquettes, mustard | 9,50
Hamburger with Amsterdam local beef and pickles | 13,-
Thai beef salad | 16,-


Soup of the day | 9,-
Steak tartare of Dutch beef, shallot, gherkin, capers and egg | 13,50
Burrata with tomato salad, basil and olive powder | 14,-
Classic artichoke with vinaigrette | 11,- (vegan)
Tuna tartare with basil mayonnaise and Granny Smith apple | 14,-
Beef platter with Jamon Serrano Grand Cru and pickled onions from Amsterdam | 13,50


Steak from local beef, braised cabbage, caraway and Roquefort butter | 23,50
Braised lamb shank from Texel with summer vegetables and gravy | 25,50
Thai green curry with rice, prawns, bok choy and baby broccoli | 24,50
Raviolis with different kinds of cauliflower, beurre noisette, creamy cheese and hazelnut | 19,50
Fried plaice with beurre noisette, capers, pickled lemon and flat leaf parsley | 22,50

SIDES | 4,-

Hangar fries with mayonnaise
Tomato salad with young basil
Summer vegetables and savory


Marinated strawberries with vanilla curd cheese and chervil
Red fruit soup from the Betuwe
I wish I was a cheesecake
Sorbet ice cream from Yscuypje